Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When in Culture +

  • What is When in Culture+?
    When in Culture+ is our on-demand video platform tailored for international students, serving as a valuable tool to navigate their university journey.

    What does it offer?
    This world-leading resource provides insights from students, experts, and educators, covering a wide range of subjects needed for student success.

    How can I access it?
    When in Culture+ is accessible on both browsers and the app, which can be easily downloaded from your relevant app store. Just search for in ‘When in Culture’ in your app store.

    Is it exclusively for international students?
    Yes, When in Culture+ is specifically curated with international students in mind, offering content to enhance their university experience. However, this can be a useful tool for all students as the platform contains valuable insights into employability, student tips and how to navigate the world as an adult.
    1. Click on the link in the registration email sent by (don’t forget to check your junk / spam folders)
    2. Enter the personal email address you provided when you registered – this is very important as this email address validates that you have a license to use When in Culture +
    3. Enter the password you created – if you have not yet created a password, you will be prompted to create a password
    4. That’s it! You’re logged in.
  • Yes, you can download the When in Culture + app in your App Store. Go to your relevant App store (apple app store or google play) and type in ‘When in Culture’ in the search bar.

When in Culture Academy

  • What is When in Culture Academy?
    When in Culture Academy is our dedicated e-learning platform offering courses tailored for international students, resulting in certifications recognised by select universities.

    How does When in Culture Academy benefit students?
    When in Culture Academy empowers international students by equipping them with essential skills to adapt to new cultures, navigate unfamiliar environments, and excel in both education and career pursuits.

    What advantages do the courses provide?
    The courses offered enable students to enhance their resumes, access a variety of e-learning modules, and gain multiple microcredentials, further enriching their educational and professional profiles.
    1. Click on the link in the purchase confirmation email you received from
    2. Enter the personal email address and the password you created when purchasing or registering for your course.
    3. That’s it… you’re logged in, enjoy!


  • You can reach out to our support team on, and they will assist you!
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    Head to and follow the “Lost your password?” link.

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    Try clearing your browser cache before refreshing the page and trying again. If the problem persists, contact us at
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