Who Are When in Culture?

diverse group of students

Our Mission

At When In Culture, our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become true global citizens. We believe that cultural proficiency is essential in today’s interconnected world, fostering understanding, empathy, and collaboration across diverse communities.

What We Offer

Through our innovative learning platform, we provide high-quality, bite-sized videos and interactive assessments that cover a wide range of cultural topics. Our content is designed to bridge the gap between cultures, offering insights into customs, traditions, communication styles, and practical aspects of living in a new country.

Leadership Team

  • Steve Odart, CEO, When In Culture

    Steve Odart


    Steve is an accomplished entrepreneur with a background in educational publishing and a proven ability to build successful businesses through clever adoption of technology and empowering teams of people to excel and grow.

  • Simon Rhodes, COO, When In Culture

    Simon Rhodes


    Simon has a deep understanding of British culture and extensive international expertise. With a career in organizing international travel and a familial connection to the UK monarchy, Simon brings valuable insights to his role.

  • Mark Charlton


    Mark is a seasoned CFO with over 30 years’ experience. After leaving Price Waterhouse, Mark established his own successful accountancy firm, and brings extensive financial expertise and guidance.

  • Erica Pattison, Programme Director

    Erica Pattison

    Programme Director

    Erica is a highly successful Programme Director with expertise in managing technology adoption, organisational change, internal governance processes and policies, and digital transformation projects.

  • Joe Watson, Creative Director

    Joe Watson

    Creative Director

    Joe is a highly experienced Creative Director with 20 years in the television industry, including a 10-year stint at the BBC. With her multicultural background, having lived in various countries, she has a passion for representing diversity, and brings a positive and innovative approach when managing our creative teams.

  • Ben Odart, Client Manager

    Ben Odart

    Client Manager

    Ben has extensive sales and business development experience, along with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. He creates and manages invaluable connections with universities and industry experts.

  • Dan Tobin, eLearning & Interactive Design Manager

    Dan Tobin

    eLearning & Interactive Design Manager

    Dan is an innovative E-Learning Digital Content Developer spearheading projects and blazing trails in emerging e-learning technologies like HTML-based learning, Chatbots, and AR/VR.

  • Christina Ferris, UI/UX Manager

    Christina Ferris

    UI/UX Manager

    Christina specialises in UI, web, and interaction design, with a focus on animation and illustration. Her passion lies in creating user-friendly interfaces and smooth user experiences, driven by her interest in education and technology.

  • Susanna Booth, Producer

    Susanna Booth


    Susanna Booth, a seasoned filmmaker and journalist, has years of experience writing about British culture. A graduate of Leeds University, her passion for writing, research, and global interaction fuels her work.

  • Brett Allen, Studio & Production Manager

    Brett Allen

    Studio & Production Manager

    Brett brings a wealth of experience in overseeing shoots, honed through managing large-scale events and productions, including those at prestigious venues like the O2 arena. His expertise ensures each shoot is executed with precision and finesse.

Our Academic Advisory Board

  • Stephen Harvey, Chair of the Academic Advisory Board

    Stephen Harvey

    Chair of the Academic Advisory Board

    Stephen has forty years of successful teaching, research, policy, governance and senior management experience in the global secondary, tertiary and commercial education sectors. He has held the positions of Founder and Global Managing Director of Cambridge Education Group’s (CEG) ONCAMPUS Higher Education Pathways Division, Head of Higher Education Advisory Services at KPMG Project Manager, Her Majesty’s Government Department for Education Strategy & Innovation Unit and UK Managing Director of Study Group.

    Stephen has also held the positions of joint Director of a Business School, Principal Lecturer, Head of Department in Accounting & Finance and Director of the International Office at two U.K. Universities. Stephen was educated at the Universities of Kent, Bristol, and Sunderland; holds qualified teacher status in the UK; is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

  • Professor Sarah Todd, Head of Griffith's Internationalisation Activities

    Professor Sarah Todd

    Vice President (Global), Griffith University

    Professor Sarah Todd commenced at Griffith in 2013, having previously been with the University of Otago in New Zealand, and leads Griffith’s internationalisation activities. In addition to her role at Griffith, Sarah has been involved with a number of boards and associations related to international education in New Zealand, Australia and globally. Current board appointments include APAIE (Asia Pacific Association for International Education, of which she is immediate past president), IEAA (International Education Association of Australia), the global advisory boards for MSM and the UAE University’s College of Business & Economics, as well as Studyportals’ Asia Pacific advisory board. She is also a member of Universities Australia’s and the Innovative Research Universities’ International Committees, both of which she is former chair.

  • Gary Davies

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor of London Metropolitan

    Gary Davies is Deputy Vice-Chancellor of London Metropolitan University with responsibility for recruitment, marketing, communications and collaborations. He has an MBA in Higher Education Management from the University of London and has worked in higher education student recruitment for over 25 years at institutions across the capital, including London Guildhall University, Institute of Education UCL, London South Bank University and Roehampton University.

  • Dr. Holly Hudson, Texas A&M's Global Engagement VP

    Dr Holly Hudson

    Associate Vice President for Global Engagement at Texas A&M

    Dr. Holly Hudson, Texas A&M’s Global Engagement VP, leads the department to execute the university’s global strategy. With two decades in international education, she’s a respected figure, contributing to organizations like AIEA and NAFSA. Awarded for her service, she’s active on advisory boards and in standard-setting bodies. Dr. Hudson’s academic background includes degrees in History, Economic Development, and Higher Education Administration. A vocal advocate for equity and inclusion, she shares expertise on various topics regionally and nationally.

  • Paul Loftus, International Education Strategist

    Paul Loftus

    International Education Strategist

    Paul is an accomplished International Education Strategist with a strong focus on accessibility, sustainability, and conversion through content. With 25 years of experience in the international education marketplace, Paul has worked extensively with public and private universities, colleges, schools, and departments to transform their marketing practices and unlock their full potential. Paul is a founding member of the Climate Action Network for International Education, and is the driving force behind eduKUDU, a prominent higher education solutions company.

  • Richard Valentine, Cultural Psychologist

    Richard Valentine

    Cultural Psychologist

    Richard is a Cultural Psychologist with over 25 years of teaching experience and expertise in understanding how culture impacts human behaviour, cognition, and development. He is also an accomplished researcher, writer, and speaker, with a diverse skill set that includes fluency in multiple languages and expertise in occupational consulting.

  • Hugh Sloane, Hedge Fund Manager and Philanthropist

    Hugh Sloane

    Hedge Fund Manager and Philanthropist

    Hugh is a highly accomplished hedge fund manager and philanthropist. He completed his education at the University of Bristol, where he earned a degree in Economics and Politics, followed by an MPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford. In 1993, he co-founded Sloane Robinson, a prominent hedge fund headquartered in London. In addition to his professional success, Hugh is deeply committed to making a positive impact in society. As a philanthropist, he has been actively involved in supporting educational initiatives. Hugh’s philanthropy and remarkable achievements in the financial realm exemplify his commitment to excellence and his desire to create a positive legacy.