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We have created the ultimate video app, providing hundreds of videos and online courses. Short, expert videos covering practical advice, top tips, cultural insights and more on how to study in the UK. From the moment you start thinking about studying abroad to the world of work – we have got you covered.

What Are My Accommodation Options?

Conversational English: It’s Not What I Expected

Managing Your Time

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The Cost Of Living In The UK

How To Open A UK Bank Account

The UK Job Market

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When in Culture +

When in Culture + is the go-to app for international students. Enjoy ad-free, engaging videos that answer all your questions, no matter the subject. All included in your When in Culture Membership.

  • Accommodation tips

  • How to get your dream job

  • Budgeting your money

  • Easy recipes for you to make

  • How to stay healthy

  • What you’ll need to apply

  • How UK culture differs

  • Ways to explore Europe

  • How to avoid scams!

When in Culture Academy

When in Culture Academy is a fun and interactive e-learning platform for international students. Explore exciting courses on adjusting to life in the UK, embracing local culture, and prepping before you arrive.

Make your UK adventure unforgettable with engaging lessons and exclusive videos – all included in your When in Culture Membership!

Student Stories

  • Poulo, international student in UK from Peru

    “What I like most is that the videos are short, so I can see them on the bus, while walking, or in a queue….it’s very useful for me to learn more about the culture and life here while I study in the UK.” – Poula, international student from Peru

  • Ivan, international student from India

    “As an international student myself, I experienced ALL of the issues that I found on the app already answered for me. I wish that it had existed a bit sooner! – Ivan, international student from India

  • “When in Culture talks about wellbeing. Many International students come from very social communities…but here it is lonely. We’re in a new place and the demanding academic work means we have little time to make friends. When in Culture helped me identify that I was feeling isolated so I could go and get help.” – Mildred, international student from Kenya

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