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Study in the UK

Study in the UK with When in Culture

When in Culture is the complete membership for international students. Watch hundreds of on-demand videos and access essential e-learning courses covering everything you need to know. Choosing to study in the UK is a big decision and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Student Stories

  • Poulo, international student in UK from Peru

    “What I like most is that the videos are short, so I can see them on the bus, while walking, or in a queue….it’s very useful for me to learn more about the culture and life here while I study in the UK.” – Poula, international student from Peru

  • Ivan, international student from India

    “As an international student myself, I experienced ALL of the issues that I found on the app already answered for me. I wish that it had existed a bit sooner! – Ivan, international student from India

  • “When in Culture talks about wellbeing. Many International students come from very social communities…but here it is lonely. We’re in a new place and the demanding academic work means we have little time to make friends. When in Culture helped me identify that I was feeling isolated so I could go and get help.” – Mildred, international student from Kenya

Study in the UK


  • Hundreds of exclusive videos on-demand
  • Covering everything you need to know during your student journey
  • New videos added every week


  • Access comprehensive online courses
  • Improve your CV
  • Gain multiple microcredentials
Enjoy When in Culture Academy AND When in Culture + for only £120.00 for 1 year!

When in Culture +

When in Culture + is the go-to app for international students. Enjoy ad-free, entertaining videos that answer all your student questions, no matter the subject. Included in a When in Culture Membership.

Gain full access to our eLearning courses with a When in Culture membership.

  • Plane

    Pre-Departure Briefing

    Detailed Preparation for a Seamless Transition.

    Embark on your international journey fully prepared. Our Pre-Departure Briefing equips you with invaluable insights, from visa processes to cultural acumen. Gain confidence for a smooth transition.


  • Notebook and pen

    Preparing for your UK Academic Studies

    Empowering You for Academic Excellence in the UK.

    Get ready to conquer your academic pursuits in the UK. From research strategies to advanced writing skills, our resources are tailored to help you thrive in a rigorous academic environment.


  • speech bubble

    Real-life English in the UK

    Practical Language Skills for Everyday Life in the UK.

    Mastering English in real-life situations is essential. Dive into our immersive language course designed for practical application, ensuring effective communication in any scenario.


Supporting your entire student journey

Student Journey Graphic Desktop Student Journey Graphic Desktop

Explore a world-leading resource with insights from students, experts and educators – covering every subject you will need to succeed.

  • Cultural Preparation
    Preparing you for a global journey

    • Cultural experts break down the differences between home and your new destination
    • Discover local customs, traditions and etiquettes
    • Explore diverse cultural experiences, including music, sport, and more
    • Learn how to build lasting connections with people all over the world
  • Life as a Student
    Thriving in your academic environment

    • Study tips and strategies
    • Access comprehensive guidance and resources for student life
    • Take care of your safety and wellbeing with expert help
    • Enhance your time as a student and become aware of opportunities before anyone else
  • Wellbeing
    Mind, body and soul

    • Discover the power of self-care for a balanced and fulfilling life
    • Equip yourself with strategies to overcome mental health challenges
    • Fitness tips and guides
    • Empower yourself to thrive academically, personally, and emotionally
  • Employability
    Increase your chances of finding your ideal career

    • Start building towards your ideal career
    • Master workplace skills and excel in cross-cultural communication
    • Equipping entrepreneurs with resources from employers and industry experts
    • Gain a competitive edge with insights from the recruitment process and job market experts